Thursday, November 25, 2010

With just over two weeks to go, the buzz is building!

Cushions by Chloe Owens who will be appearing at The Crafty Fox

We have been lucky enough to receive some good publicity from a wide variety of publications over the past few weeks. With a bit of luck, this will translate into lots of visitors to The Crafty Fox Market. The excitement is building and our crafters are busy creating lots of beautiful and unique Christmas gifts. You will find a selection of our publicity so far here:

Le Cool 
View London
South London Press
Brixton Pound Blog
UK Handmade market listings
Visit London
SW Craft Club Blog
LBC 97.3FM listings
Dulwich on View listings
Lambeth Life
Australian Times
Free Art London

Thank you to all who have supported us! Please let me know if you spot any listings or articles that I have missed.


  1. Just did a search and there are loads and loads of links - it should be a blast! Fabulous organizing - well done!!

  2. Thanks Sue! Fingers crossed we'll get lots of eager shoppers.