Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting to know you

Jimbobart, Me & Stephan taken after the 1st Crafty Fox Market
As I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently taking part in a blogging course. As part of my homework, I was tasked with re-vamping the 'About Us' section of the blog. In the original version, we were being shy foxes and had asked our friend Claire from Letter Lounge to write about us. Claire did a wonderful job, describing Crafty Fox as a 'kind and caring market'. This time, after several re-drafts, I've taken the plunge and written this section myself.

I've also updated the photo to a more recent one taken at the recent Jubilee celebrations in Battersea Park on a wet day. Unbelievably we don't have any decent photos of both of us together at a Crafty Fox Market - I guess we are usually too busy running around on market days to stop for photos. Hopefully I will be able to update this with an 'action' shot after the Christmas Markets.

As part of the course, I learned that there is no 'formula' for this section of a blog and it can be as detailed or minimal as you choose. I opted for a half-way point between the two - let me know what you think. I'd love your feedback and also to see your own bio pages - feel free to leave me your links in the comments section below.


  1. I think it's perfect Sinead. It's interesting, engaging and says just enough to build a picture around your background. Caroline did a great job. I love the fox logo too, very querky!

    I've just discovered your blog via BYW bootcamp and realised you are based just up the road from me, I might be getting in touch next year when I launch my shop :-)

    Hope you are enjoying bootcamp!

  2. Hi Anna - thanks for stopping by! BYW is great but there's soooo much to learn. Hope you are enjoying it too and that we meet before too long!